Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors


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Melni Connectors represent a breakthrough in low voltage butt-splice connectors.  Reducing installation time by AS MUCH AS 75%.  Watch the video below of an actual installation...


Installing A Direct Burial Submersible Splice Connector


melni-install-step-1 melni-install-step-2 melni-install-step-3
Step 1: Insert stripped cable into the MC Connector. Step 2: Twist end caps to tighten spiral insert. Tighten waterproof caps. Step 3: Prepare for direct burial.


The Melni Connector comes in 3 sizes to address all your low voltage electrical butt-splice needs...



Connector: 1/0 - 2/0 AWG
Insulation: OD ≤ 0.56"
AC Voltage: 600


Connector: #4 - #2 AWG
Insulation: OD ≤ 0.45"
AC Voltage: 600


Connector: 3/0 - 4/0 AWG
Insulation: OD ≤ 0.63"
AC Voltage: 600



Why Melni Connectors from Remke are different...

clock-icon-3 Time Savings = Labor $$ Savings

Reduces overall installation time by 75%. No need for special tools, multiple measurements and crimps. Installs quickly in under 2 minutes.

install-icon-1 Ease of Installation

Insert conductors into each end and twist the barrel until it stops clicking. Standard wrenches are all you need.

copper-alum-icon Dual Rated

Approved for use with both Aluminum and Copper cable.

UL-icon UL Listed

All Melni MC Direct Burial Connectors exceed UL standards*. 

safety-icon Increase Safety & Reduce Risk

Installation requires less use of potentially dangerous tools in confined spaces, reducing the risk of serious injury.


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*MC3400 is compliant to UL 486A/B/D